Insane top speeds with full control at all times, even in the choppiest water you can find. The Monster gives you total confidence sheet in and just go for it! This is what make the Monster on the of the most fierce freerace weapons available. The outline is craftet to give the board maximum control in all conditions, with more parallel rails towards the middle to keep a wider nose. This is import to generate as early planing as possible. The one step tail cut out creates release which keeps the control even at high speeds due to the reduced of wetted-surface area. A generous amount of V towards the nose to absorb chops and give the boards a smooth and user-friendly performance. The monster features all the winning performance features seen on the 3XS but in a more user friendly package, pure freerace firepower for the people.

This top quality and technologically advanced high-spec Biax Carbon, has a perfect weight to stiffness ratio as a result of its very fine weave and dynamic flex. For extreme stiffness the bottom  features 30 degree Bias Carbon and PVC sandwich and for strength the deck features 45 degree Bias Carbon with double PVC sandwich for durability. For optimal load distribution and durability the construction features a PVC stringer in the spine of the boards. The rails are re-enforced with direction carbon to create optimal stiffness to weight ratio. We have shaved off every possible gram using a thinner layer of brushed paint. The  artwork is applied with water-based tattoo stickers, very light-weight with beautiful bold colors. Even the non-slip has been reduced where it is not needed.  We also use a self regulating Goretex © Airvent which allows air to pass back and forth between the foam core and the exterior of the board, whilst being completely water proof. The double layer membrane of Goretex on either side of a rubber O-ring prevents pressure build up inside the board, minimizing the risk for de-lamination caused by over pressure inside the board.


10623170Delivered without finTuttle box6.2 -8.66.45 kg
11623174Delivered without finTuttle box7.0 - 9.26.65 kg
12623082Delivered without finDeep tuttle / Foil ready7.8 - 9.67.50 kg
13623086Delivered without finDeep tuttle / Foil ready7.8 - 10.07.95 kg


Tail cutouts
The Monster G6 features a wider tail to generate more power, and the tail cutouts provide release to create control in tricky conditions or when strong gusts hit you. Load up and release is the name of the game for speed.

Recessed deck
Recessed deck in the mastfoot area, keeping the rig connection low with boosting control.

The rocker line is flat from the tail to the front foot, then with smooth curve to the nose with a Vee shape that begins at cut-outs with a climax at the mid body. Designed for unprecedented control and confidence. Calm and composed in rougher conditions with relentless acceleration.

New foot pads
Dual-density EVA foot pads; 4 mm + 4 mm thickness. Textured with a diamond grip for superhero traction.

Foil ready
126 and 136 are foil compatible with a reinforced deep tuttle box.

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