After six days of racing, with unstable weather and wind, the IFCA Slalom Youth & Master World Championships ended at Circolo Surf Torbole, on Garda Trentino.

The Slalom racing rules require indeed a minimum of 11 knots of wind which was unstable during the last days of competition. The ranking is therefore unchanged compared to first 3 event days, when Junior and Girl divisions completed 3 eliminations while Youth and Master completed two, thanks to the first two days of racing with great wind conditions. For almost 170 competitors this had been a good opportunity to experience the North of Lake Garda legendary waters.

Big congratulations to Simmer rider Damien Arnoux  who won the 2018 Youth World Champion a head of French Basile Jacquin and Italian-Dutch Ennio Dal Pont.

Damien reveals:

This is the first year that I’m riding with Simmer Style, and I spent a lot of time this winter tuning my equipment and finding the perfect setting. I was going really fast during my training so before the comp I had a good feeling so coming to Garda my target was set on the World Title!

Since the first time that I received my Simmer SCR's and 3XS boards, I felt a big potential.

But with the fresh water in in Lake Garda compared to the salty sea water where I usually train, i had to re-trim my gear quite a bit. I was there 4 days before the competition, we had all kind of conditions and that allowed me to get ready for it all!

The first two days we had proper wind and we finished two full eliminations that i won both. I won all my heats, I was in full control during the race and my main focus was to avoid making any mistake. 

I would have been happy if we could get more races because I felt very comfortable, but we had some weather problem in Garda this year. I used my speed to make the difference on the first leg in all the races, the SCR 9,2 and 3XS 136 L was a great combo ! Even if it was +20Knts I could accelerate and keep control easily. Usually, I don’t like to ride big sails and big boards, but with Simmer I love it !!

I’m really happy to finish my years in the Youth's division in the World Title and to kick of my adventure with Simmer Style with this result. I’d like to thank all the Simmer crew for supporting me the way they did!

Find more info at http://www.ifcaclass.com/italian-andrea-cucchi-and-french-damien-arnoux-crowned-world-champions/



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