I have the world Nautical Mile record back. It was again a close competition with Heidi Ulrich, but by 0.13 of a knot. I set the new record at 37.29 knots over the mile long course. Big thanks to my sponsors especially Tomas Persson, numero uno at Simmer Style, Farrell O'shea team mate sponsor and Guru at Simmer and hubby Pete who have all been here with me giving overwhelming support. It was hard having to fly home and go back to work tuesday morning with no world record that I had held for 12 years but the mission to fly back to La Palme and take the record back was well worth it. There is still a possibility of wind on Monday morning, the last day of the event @princeofspeed so its not over yet. Well done to Vincent Valkenaers on his new mens windsurfing mile record and Chris Ballois on his new mens kite world record.

Thanks to AL360, Sonntag Fins, Synergy Worldwide and Walnut Grove.

Zara Davis

Photo by Pete Davis



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