Well I know I said I would bring you an equipment run down etc... Buuuuuut as I nearly made a foiling gybe after the first session I was super pumped to get back out there and nail it...    Unfortunately I didn't have Alfie filming but with the aid of a GO PRO and a Simon Moore (thanks Si :) I managed to film and document the 2nd session!! It was a Perfect session with regards to kit set up. The wind was a steady 12 - 14knots and I used a 5.6 icon wave sail and 126 Monster (free race Board) and the AFS - Hydrofoils 85 Wind Foil. This seemed spot on... I would say it was the perfect foiling wind and the kit was felt so balanced! Going in a straight line felt super comfortable with only the odd moment where I got it wrong... and in the end I got the gybes consistent!! :) Super happy with that as the progression is feeling fast. Although I did try gybes all and I mean all day :)? ...it's like learning to windsurf again and it feels awesome. Any questions or comment put them below or anything you want me to cover. ...at the moment I'm just enjoying the sessions and I will try to pass on what I'm leant!

Check out the video at: https://youtu.be/t2Sfy2k01xM

Cheers Ben Proffitt
Location: West Kirby, UK




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