We are very stoked to bring onboard Noam Artzi to the Simmer family. Noam has a solid background as an avid Surfer which shows as Windsurfing has come very naturally to him. Hookipa is 4 minutes from his home in Haiku so you know where to find him when school is out. His bright personality and unlimited future are what it is all about. Charging hard, having fun using the best gear available. Watch this young Gun closely!

Simmer: We are stoked to have you on the team! How does it feel being part of the Simmer team?

Noam: It feels great to be part of the Simmer Style family, everyone has been super cool and supportive.  I love how the gear performs and feels... It looks awesome too. It feels like a huge amount of energy has gone into every detail and you feel great every time you rig up.

Simmer: How old are you and how long have you been windsurfing?


Noam: I am 15 years old and I have been windsurfing for a year.

Simmer: You grew up surfing at home on Maui. When did you get into windsurfing?

Noam: I got into windsurfing after a trip I took to Fiji with my family, the waves were so incredible that when I came back to Maui the waves just were not as motivating. But I saw all the crazy things that the windsurfers were doing and so I told my dad I wanted to start windsurfing. My dad and friends then sailed with me every day and I was hooked.

Simmer: What sort of advantages do you have in windsurfing, coming from surfing?

Noam: One of the biggest advantages of having a surfing base is the way I read waves, my brain is programmed like a surfer and this really transfers into my wave riding style. Surfing has given me a solid foundation for reading the ocean. You have to be perfectly balanced when riding a shortboard. Having a sail in hand provides me with additional control. I guess I feel like I know how to use the energy of the wave and this transfers into my timing and positioning so that I can stay in the pocket and power zone naturally. 

Simmer: What do you think makes windsurfing so addictive compared to other sports?

Noam: Windsurfing is so addictive because it's really dynamic. The speed and freedom are an incredible adrenaline rush. It is so action-packed and the second you start windsurfing you are so focused that everything else just melts away, you are immersed in a water wonderland.  It feels like flying and nothing can stop you.  The amount of control is incredible. you can be going 30 miles an hour and turn on a dime or jump super high, smack the lip and take flight. It's just an awesome feeling!

Simmer: What are your favorite types of conditions?

Noam: My ideal conditions are light planing winds with waves logo to mast high. I also enjoy it at the end of the day when there are fewer people and we get that golden light. I like it when the waves are down the line, side off wind with aerial sections and good walls for snappy turns. I also like XXL days that push my limits. Those days stick with you for a while!

Simmer: What moves are you currently trying to improve and/or learn? 

Noam: Well I am constantly trying to improve my turns by hitting the section later and drawing out my turns. I also want to hit bigger waves harder. I'm always working on my aerials so that they can be bigger and more explosive. I try and make my body position for aerials perfect and try and try and send them in bigger waves. I am working on my jumping maneuvers like front loops, and I would like to learn how to do back loops as well since Maui has great sections for them. 

Simmer: What are your goals with your windsurfing? 


Noam: I want to win the Aloha Classic youth division and also want to do other events around the world. I would really like to go sail Punta Preta with Kai if the opportunity presents itself.

Simmer: Thanks Noam, Aloha!

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