What achievements are you most happy about?

MP - I’m really happy with my progress in the riding waves. It was one of my main goals of my winter training and I can say that I achieved it! But still have a lot more to learn, which is good!

Key moves you have been working on?

MP - Goiters, 360s and Air Takas back in the wave, and of course Push-Forwards.

Your most memorabel session this winter?

MP - One session in Scarborough Point at the beginning of the trip with clean mast high peeling waves. So sick!

Your worst wipeout?

MP - I hade one pretty hard hard crash from a Pushloop-forward at Sunset Beach, I landed on the boom and hit my head with the sail. Luckily no major injuries. You can see the crash video on

New moves you are working on?

MP - Pushloop Forwards and Air Takas.

Whats your plans after Maui?

MP - I’ll go back home I'll be training slalom and doing slalom events. Hopefully I can sneak in a wave session in between! Then off the to Canaries for pre-event training.

Goals for the year?

MP - Keep progressing and develope my competition skills. My goal on the PWA is to finish top 15 or 20 in waves.

5 year goals?

MP - The PWA Wave World title!



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