2016 sc race


For 2016 we have taken the blistering fast 2015 SC Race and pushed the development towards a more powerful design to further assure earlier planning and turbo-charged acceleration out of jibes. This has been achieved by optimizing the lower and mid sail profile. Furthermore we have tightening up the leach of the sail on all sizes and improved the batten layout to optimize the aerodynamics, as well as improving the rotation.

The 2016 SC Race is also remarkable lighter than its predecessor. Chief Designer, Tomas Persson has gone in to every single detail for the sail body, panel, seam and material selection of the SC Race to make it even lighter, without sacrificing the quality. A lighter sail is easier to handle with promotes acceleration and handling in the jibes. Most slalom races are won on the starting line and around the marks. Therefor it is essential that full on slalom sails have early planning and acceleration as top priorities.

With a increased sail profile on the three lower battens. The profile is pushed forward with a carbon tube which is softer in the front and stiffer towards the leach of the sail. This creates the a more controlled bend curve for a forward focused power delivery. This also generates more down force into the board to keep it in control during high speeds. A deeper sail profile below the boom provides more power to go faster and a increased acceleration.

- Refined batten layout. The top battens have been moved down and the bottom battens up to increase control, stability and camber rotation.

- Re-designed and improved sail profile in the boom area for improved stability, early planning and acceleration.

- Tighter leach to improve acceleration and stability.

- Reduced weight for improved handling in jibes and earlier planning.




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