2018 SCR

VERTICAL CUT LUFF PANEL // The main benefit of this is that the shape is distributed into a larger area of the sail when more downhaul is added, which helps to lock the center of effort in the lower sail body. Vertical shaping also increases durability by reducing stretch in this critical area of the sail. Another superior benefit is a more even skin tension which improves the balance of the sail, especially when strong gusts hit the sail body.

RE-DESIGNED LUFF CURVE //  The luff curve has been totally re-designed for 2018 on the SC Race. The new luff features more curve in the top 25%, but with a breaking point for the twist lower down in the sail. This allows the sail body and mast to generate more energy which effectively creates a more dynamic sail body.

IMPROVED SKIN TENSION //  The new vertical shaping techniques allows us to create a more harmonious sail profile which results in a more even skin tension between all areas of the sail, eliminating wrinkles and providing a more balanced rig.

MONOFILM BATTEN POCKETS //  Radically reduces the weight.

REDUCED AREA BELOW THE BOOM // Reducing the area below the boom enables the sailor to stay in a more powerful position through lulles and gusts. This adjustment has improved the average speed dramatically over a longer reach. We have reduced the lower batten between 3 cm to 8 cm on the larger sizes.

TEKCAM V2 EDT3 //  The Tekcam camber improves the rotation of the sail dramatically, but at the same time improves the stability due to its unique stiffness. By changing the design concept between big and small sizes we are able to improve the performance of each individual size. The 5.0 to 6.3 feature a Tekcam Reduced on batten 4 and Tekcam Large on batten 5, 6 and 7 whilst the 7.0 - 8.6 feature a Tekcam Reduced on batten 6 and a Tekcam Large on battens 6, 7 and 8.




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