A few words about yourself:
I'm a "few words man" talking thru my achievement! 

Most memorable session:
That session back in 2009 where I made the cover of the "Don't Let Go" movie! 
It was in Boa Vista Cabo Verde.  A spot that only Josh Angulo and couple other guys sailed. 
Some set that day were way bigger then mast height, super close from the rocks and really heavy! 
This air was probably the most intense and bigger air I have ever throw. I'm lucky i didn't fall once and
this session stayed the most memorable so far in therm of adrenaline but it could of gone bad if would not make one of my air's! 

Tips for progrssion: 
Believe in yourself!

Kai Katchadourian, Simmer Team Captain about Camille:
Camille has shaken the foundations of what is possible in windsurfing.
A truly progressive rider always in the critical zone.

Sail number: GPE 8
Simmer team since: 2016
Sails. Blacktip and Tricera
Home Town: Saint Francois, Guadeloupe
Home Spot: all around the Guadeloupe island
Other Sponsors: Quatro International, Long Horn Energy Drink, Oxbow, Dakine, Jeep Guadeloupe
Instagram: @camillejuban


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