A few words about yourself:
I consider myself a simple, sincere, honest and generous person. On sports I am constant, with much dedication and
I strive to to get the most of me in each session or training. I believe that there are no barriers, your put your own limits.
If you want to get something fight for it and you're gonna get.

Most memorable session:
Uffff, many good sessions, every session is special.  But if I had to chose one… I would chose the  first time I’ve sailed at El Paso
(north shore of Gran Canaria). It was 2008, a week before to leave to Cabo Verde. Starboard tack conditions, mast high waves and wind
for 5,0 or 4,7. I was afraid, nervous, … many feelings… Some friends helped me to go out, because big sets where coming in, but finally
I was there sailing  between water walls. The first wave I cached, I nailed on the first turn, I did´t realice I was at the most critical part of
the wave, and the barrer broke on the reef and I fell from up to down with the tube. After the wipeout I went out again and I really
enjoyed the session. Yes it is my most memorable session. Nowadays I love to sail there.

Tips for progrssion:
For me my tips for progression are: Constancy, Traing hard and fight for your goals.

Kai Katchadourian, Simmer Team Captain about Josep:

One of Pozo's own, Josep proudly flies and defies gravity regularly setting the performance bar higher and higher.
Pons pushes very hard and the results are obvious not only to his progression but also those riders he trains.

Discipline: Waves
Sail number: E-203
Simmer team since: 2014I
Sail of choice:  Blacktip
Board of choice: Quantum
Favorite conditions: Waveriding on side off winds.
Home Town: Ciutadella de Menorca (Balearic Islands)
Favorites Spots: El Paso, Moca Point, Majanicho.
Other Sponsors: Pons Training, Blackroll, Ion.
nstagram: @josep_e203 @ponstraining


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