-23 Blacktip

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The  Blacktip presents absolute high-end performance for the advanced to pro, wave sailors looking for a sail to push their limits in any conditions. The Blacktip is the solution for any rider looking for a sail with a light feel, direct power delivery, and a wide wind range. This, combined with the extra back-hand throttle to create drive to manoeuvre in the critical sections of the wave, is what makes the Blacktip the first choice for pro riders such as Alessio Stillrich and Ben Proffitt.

With a redesigned luff curve featuring a slightly lower aspect ratio compared to previous designs. These improvements promote a lowered center of effort and a more forward-focused profile. These features combined enable a crisp and reactive feel to the sail. Load up and release at any instance. The Blacktip’s main technical features include; a progressive four-batten layout in all sizes. Precision tapered battens on the lower two battens to keep the draft forward and locked in. A Q-Ply luff panel for a smooth transition of power, combined with a vertical kevlar load line that maintains the skin tension from top to tack, preserving the longevity of the materials while providing a light-weight sail that will stay intact for many seasons to come. The Blacktip is also available in an extra durable full X-Ply version, the Blacktip Legacy.

The Blacktip presents the cutting edge of sail design for the hardcore wave slayer looking for a maneuver-oriented wave sail to push their wave sailing to the next level!

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