2024 Blacktip

Pro Performance Wave

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The performance of the Blacktip suits the rider who wants to maximize every opportunity as you need to do during a heat. With a higher aspect ratio and increased distance between the battens, the new sail feels more reactive than ever, combined with some additional backhand throttle, allowing you to load up and release instantly. One of the many signature features of the Blacktip is its massive wind range, keeping the profile locked in through heavy gusts. The Blacktip requires a more committed sailing style than the all-new Evoq, but it will allow you to push your manoeuvers bigger than before and provide that extra boost to go further, faster, and higher.

The 2024 Blacktip features the new Q2-Ply in the foot and clew panel, 20% lighter than X-Ply with the same strength. The simplicist panel layout is designed without any load crossing seams for optimal distribution of forces. The Q-Ply luff panel creates a smooth power delivery, combined with the vertical kevlar load line that controls the central effort and increases performance longevity.

// Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons // Vertical Kevlar Load Line // Q-Ply Luff Panel // Q2-Ply Foot and Clew Panel // Precision Tapered Battens // Finger Patch Tendons // Stainless Steel O-Ring // Leech Stabilizing Cutout

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Key Features

Key rider benefits with the BLACKTIP

// Manoeuvrable orientated performance with more backhand throttle compared to the Evoq

// Vertical profil shaping for responsive handling and the ability to depower the sail in an instant

// Increased distance between the lower two battens, the new sail feels more reactive than ever

// A massive wind range due to the Vertical Kevlar Load Line and Stretch Control Tendons.

//  New Q2-Ply in foot and clew panels, 20% lighter with the same strength as X-Ply

// Light-weight design


fixedboomluffmastmain windowrec mastpro performance masttopbattensweight (kg)
3.1128329340monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMadjustable42.7
3.4132340340monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMadjustable42.8
3.7143352340monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMadjustable42.9
4.0147364340monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMadjustable43.0
4.2152377370monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMadjustable43.1
4.5158382370monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMfixed43.1
4.7163389370monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMfixed43.2
5.0166402400monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMfixed43.3
5.3172417400monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMfixed43.4
5.6174432430monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMfixed43.5
5.9179443430monoSX8 RDMSX10 RDMfixed43.5

1 // Vertical Kevlar Load Line
Kevlar load line from top to tack to control the central effort; increase the longevity of the material which ensures that the sail profile stays in position when strong gusts hit the sail.

2 // Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons
The Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons distribute the load throughout the surface of the sail from clew to luff. They control the breaking point for the twist, increase the wind range, and increase the longevity of the sail. An original Simmer Style feature that has been widely adopted by many other sail brands.

// New Scrim Material Q2-Ply
Inspired by our successful Team Edition project, we created a new scrim designed explicitly for our foot and clew panels for durability and impact resistance. We call it Q2-Ply. It is 20% lighter than 5 MIL X-Ply but as strong due to its specification with super thin 90-degree polyester threads layered on a 30-degree wide-spaced kevlar pattern.

// Lightweight Construction, Strength Were It’s Needed
We only use the most durable laminate scrims on the market. 100% polyester film with high stretch resilience thread reinforcement. The layers of film are bonded together with a UV resistance glue. We only use lighter scrims (less strong materials) in areas where the swing weight is reduced and where the loading is fairly low. Our focus is not to build the lightest sail weighing sail on a scale. But to build the lightest sail in terms of feeling without sacrificing durability. Our X-Ply / Q2-Ply / Q-Ply Scrims are made by the leading manufacturer, Dimension Polyant in the USA.

// Q-Ply Luff Panel
The 2 MIL Q-Ply luff panel creates a softer and more forward focused power delivery. This combined with the strength provided by the vertical load line for maintained profile stability and durability.

// Durable Clew Design
A sails clew is a high load area, therefor all Simmer Style sails features seven layers reinforcement plus the a overlapping six layers from the finger tendons. The finger tendons distributes the loads over a greater a larger area of the sailcloth surface, which increases the durability, as well as the direct handling of the sail. On our wave sails we also use a stainless steel O-Ring, secured with six layers of strong nylon webbing. Simmer quality defined.

// Precision Tapered Battens
The Precision Tapered Battens are custom designed for each sail size to push the sail profile forward and keep the draft locked in for stability. Our battens are built with plus 50 layers of glasfiber/carbon that is laminated under extreme pressure. Then each batten is CNC machined to the exact tapered.

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