Alessio Stillrich


Alessio is one of those rare riders who just make it look so easy. He is a super-talented rider that goes really big in high winds as well as at Hookipa. And you won’t find a nicer guy on the beach.  Alessio born in 1995 on the Canary Islands and has been windsurfing since he was 9 years old. In 2018 he paid the price for pushing hard and suffered a severe injury to his foot which resulted in a year of rehab but he came back even more motivated than before. His aggressive style both in jumps and wave riding makes him a perfect match for the Simmer team.  Alessio works closely with the Simmer Style design team on the R&D for boards and sails. We are stoked to have him on the team.

Sail Number: E-95
On Simmer since: 2020
Discipline: Wave
Home spot: Pozo Izquierdo
Favorite places for travel: Cape Town, Maui, and between the other Canary Islands
Sail of choice: Blacktip
Boards: Flywave 72 and 78
Other sponsors: ION, Chocofins
Instagram: @alessiostillrich
Youtube: @alessiostillrich


Alessio Stillrich´s quiver

-23 Blacktip Team Edition

G6 Helix

G6 Flywave

G6 Quantex

-22/23 Blacktip