2024 V-Max

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The V-Max epitomizes the excitement of freeriding/freeracing with a powerful, cam-free construction that’s effortless to rig and fine-tune. It’s not just fast; it’s insanely fast. When accelerating in a straight line, it unlocks another gear, empowering riders to push their speed boundaries. It offers maximum velocity with minimal fuss. Its forward-focused power delivery provides just the right amount of thrust to fuel continuous acceleration without overwhelming the rider.

The V-Max’s 6-batten panel layout and innovative shaping techniques deliver remarkable stability throughout a wide wind range. Experience unparalleled efficiency and effortless handling thanks to this higher aspect ratio seen on the 2024 V-Max.

Another impressive aspect of the V-Max is its performance throughout the gybes. The sail possesses exceptional drive throughout the turn, and once set in position well, it is steadfast, allowing the rider to turn their focus to their feet. Through the midpoint, the rig rotates smoothly before gradually powering up on the exit.

The new and improved V-Max will turbo-charge your freerace experience.

What’s new for 2024?

  • New higher aspect ratio for improved manoeuvrability and handling
  • Shorter boom length on all sizes for improved handling
  • Lighter handling and lighter materials, including the NEW Q2-Ply scrim in the foot and clew panel
  • More forward-focused power delivery


Who is the V-Max for?
The V-Max is the best choice for any rider looking for an easy-to-handle sail tailored for turbo-charged speed and maneuverability.

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Key Features

Key benefits for riders with the V-Max:

// Race sail geometry engineered in a lightweight and cam-free design

// The 6 batten sail layout provide stability across a wide wind range

// Full sail profile delivers ample power for effortless planing

// User-friendly design makes rigging and de-rigging a breeze


sizeboomluffmastrec mastupgrade masttopbattensweight (kg)
4.8162399400SX8 RDM or SDMSX10 RDM or SDMadjustable63.8
5.4164416400SX8 RDM or SDMSX10 RDM or SDMadjustable64.0
6.0175431430SX8 RDM or SDMSX10 RDM or SDMfixed64.2
6.6191439430SX8 RDM or SDMSX10 RDM or SDMfixed64.4
7.2204455430SX8 RDM or SDMSX10 RDM or SDMfixed64.6
7.9222466460SX8 SDM SX10 SDM fixed64.9
8.6232484460SX8 SDM SX10 SDM fixed65.2

The bend curve of the SDM and RDM’s are compatible with one another, but the RDM’s are more durable, therefore more suitable for punishing wave conditions. SDM’s provide a faster reflex response, better stability, and faster acceleration, especially in lengths of 460 cm or longer, therefore more suitable for flatwater sailing in the larger sizes.

 Six Batten Layout
Six Batten Layout in all sizes for a stable and powerful freeride and freerace experience. With great low-end grunt for quick up n’go combined with superb stability, the V Max is the best choice for the sailor who wants a camber-free, lightweight freerace sail.

Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons
The Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons distribute the load throughout the surface of the sail from clew to luff. They control the breaking point for the twist, increase the wind range, and increase the longevity of the sail. An original Simmer Style feature that has been widely adopted by many other sail brands.

Precision Tapered Battens
The lower two battens feature a custom-designed taper, specifically tuned for each sail size, to push the sail profile forward and keep the draft locked in for stability. This offers you race-like performance at no cost of effortless handling.



The cutaway clew has an extremely positive influence on the sail’s agility and handling, and allows for a shorter, more rigid boom, as well as more direct acceleration.

Finger Patch Tendons
The Finger Patch Tendons in clew create greater load distribution over a larger area of the sailcloth surface, which increases the durability using a lighter construction, as well as the direct handling of the sail.

New Scrim Material Q2-Ply
A new technical scrim explicitly designed for our foot and clew panels for durability and impact resistance. We call it Q2-Ply. It is 20% lighter than 5 MIL X-Ply but as strong due to its specification with super thin 90-degree polyester threads layered on a 30-degree wide-spaced kevlar pattern

/ Materials

  1. 2 MIL Q-Ply
  2. Colored Monofilm
  3. 5 MIL X-Ply luff panel
  4. Kevlar Stretch Contol Tendons
  5. 175 Monofilm
  6. 4 MIL Q2-Ply
  7. Moulded Tack Fairing
  8. Leach Protection
  9. Dacron Reinforced Clew + Finger Tendons
  10. Insignia Self-Adhesive Darcon
  11. Flat Profile Mini Batten

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