Blackbird SL

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The Blackbird SL 98 is designed to go as fast as possible with a wide wind range and great upwind characteristics. The SL98 offers confidence for the riders used to race-oriented foils. With a sleek high-aspect ratio front wing the SL98 is a force to be reckoned with on the straights. When it is time to gybe the foil provides the necessary time for the gybe to foil through smoothly.  The 280 cm2 carbon rear wing, designed with a flat profile and an 85 mm chord, possesses adjustable screw slots that allow riders to fine-tune their back stabilizer for more lift or higher speed

A low-drag foil for the more advanced riders. The long fuselage makes the foil super-stable for high-speed levitation.

The SL98 is compatible with a wide range of front and back wings to customize its performance according to your abilities and conditions.

Delivered with: Transport bag, fittings and Torx tool.

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Fully Interchangeable

All Blackbird wings, masts, and fuselages are fully interchangeable with a seamlessly secure connection. All M8 Torx stainless screws.


productfront wingback wingfuselagemastconnector
SL98920 cm2280 cm2Alu 95 cmCarbon 98 cmDeep tuttle

Blackbird Front Wing 920 cm2

The 920 cm2 Carbon front wing is a dedicated freerrace to racing foil. The high-aspect wing designed for medium to high wind conditions, with a thin profile the foil provides constant lift and traction at various speeds. This is critical for negotiating low wind lulls, handling high wind gusts and making a wing you can trust all racing scenarios.

Material // Carbon

Wingspan // 878 mm

Chord Width // 130 mm

Chord Thickness // 15 mm

Area // 920 cm2

Aspect Ratio // 6:8

Screws // 3 x M8 28 mm

Blackbird Rear Wing 280 cm2

Engineered with a flat profile combined with an 85 mm chord, the 280 cm2 Carbon Rear Wing gives ideal performance racing with stability and release. The adjustable fin slots allow you to tune the back stabilizer for either more lift or higher speed.

Material // Carbon

Wingspan // 430 mm

Chord Width // 85 mm

Chord Thickness // 8 mm

Area // 280 cm2

Aspect Ratio // 5:1

Screws // 2 x M8 21 mm

Fuselage 95 cm

The Blackbird Alu Fuselage seamlessly connects to any size of wings in the Simmer Style range. The fuselage is manufactured from lightweight and extremely strong CNC machined high-grade aluminum, which is anodized for maximum longevity. The length creates excellent stability for control at high speeds.

Fittings to the mast // 2 x M8 30 mm

T700 Carbon Mast 98 cm

The Blackbird T700 SL Carbon mast provides the extreme stiffness needed for a slalom sail. It is manufactured from pre-preg high-modulus uni-axial and bi-axial Toray carbon, hydraulically pressed, heated and fused together. The mast is fitted with an integrated deep tuttle connection.

Fittings Included

– Front wing // 3 pcs M8 28 mm
– Back wing // 2 pcs M8 21 mm
– Fuselage to mast // 2 pcs M8 30 MM
– M8 Torx tool

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