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The SX6 offers good performance for all levels of windsurfers

SX6 stands for 60% carbon content. They are designed from high-grade pre-preg carbon. This technology ensures optimum control of resin content and resin distribution throughout the laminate. The carbon layup features a 45-degree carbon weave to control torsion and quick reflex response.

The SX6 mast features a progressive constant curve which means that the bend curve is constant but the base is stiffer than the top. This provides optimal sail dynamics allowing the bottom of the sail to generate power, and the top of the rig to quickly release power. The bend curve of the SDM and RDM’s are compatible with one another, but the RDM’s are more durable, therefore more suitable for punishing wave conditions. SDM’s provide a faster reflex response, better stability, and faster acceleration, therefore more suitable for flatwater sailing.

Get out there and go for it with the SX6!

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length (CM)diameterimcscarbonweight
370SDM1760%1.8 kg
400SDM1960%2.0 kg
430SDM2160%2.4 kg
460SDM2560%2.5 kg
490SDM2960%2.6 kg

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