2024 Enduro

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The Enduro materializes the pure essence of windsurfing—no fuss, just fun. The Café Racer of windsurfing sails, the Enduro combines bump n’ jump and freeride performance into one sail in a customized design for speed and effortless handling. For 2024, our design team has simplified the design to achieve a lighter, more agile handling capable of higher speeds. The Enduro is positioned in between the manoeuvrability of the Evoq and the power and stability of the V Max. Its features a maneuver-oriented design, combined with a powerful sail profile that will get you planing even without excessive pumping.  The Enduro will allow you to excel in any conditions you encounter. Whether carving through gybes or engaging in high-speed runs with your mates, the Enduro delivers unparalleled versatility and performance.

What’s new for 2024?

  • New higher aspect ratio for improved manoeuvrability and handling.
  • Lighter handling and lighter materials, including the NEW Q2-Ply scrim in the foot and clew panel and Q-Ply top panel.
  • More forward focused sail profile.


Who is the Enduro for? Recreational freeriders and bump n’ jump enthusiasts chose Enduro for its versatility, manoeuvrability, and user-friendliness. Its best suited combined with freeride-oriented board or a larger freewave board.

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2024 Enduro Topview

Key Features

Key rider benefits with the Enduro

// Manoeuvre-oriented geometry

// Powerful low-end grunt that gets you going in lighter conditions

// Light weight, yet durable construction

// Wide wind range

// 5.9 to 7.1 rigs on a 430 mast

// Easy rigging and easy tuning


sizeboomluffmastrec mastupgrade masttopbattensweight (kg)
4.9163398400SX6 RDM or SDMSX8 RDM or SDMadjustable53.6
5.4168416400/430SX6 RDM or SDMSX8 RDM or SDMadjustable53.7
5.9177431430SX6 RDM or SDMSX8 RDM or SDMfixed53.9
6.5190443430SX6 RDM or SDMSX8 RDM or SDMfixed54.1
7.1202457430SX6 RDM or SDMSX8 RDM or SDMfixed54.3
7.8215475460SX6 RDM or SDMSX8 RDM or SDMfixed54.6

The bend curve of the SDM and RDM’s are compatible with one another, but the RDM’s are more durable, therefore more suitable for punishing wave conditions. SDM’s provide a faster reflex response, better stability, and faster acceleration, especially in lengths of 460 cm or longer, therefore more suitable for flatwater sailing in the larger sizes.

Five Batten Layout

  • Powerful performance
  • Early planing
  • Wide wind range/tuning range
  • Maneuver-oriented geometry
  • Light-weight handling
  • 5.9 to 7.1 rigs on a 430 mast
  • Effortless rigging and easy tuning

Pre-Loaded Sail Profile

The Enduro features a pre-loaded batten profile for a solid low-end power delivery. When you sheet in, the depth expands, giving the sail more power while maintaining its stability, allowing you to push your limits and go faster.

Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons
The Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons distribute the load throughout the sail’s surface from clew to luff. They control the breaking point for the twist, increase the wind range, and increase the sail’s longevity. This is an original Simmer Style feature that many other sail brands have widely adopted.

Finger Patch Tendons
The Finger Patch Tendons in clew create greater load distribution over a larger area of the sailcloth surface, which increases the durability, as well as the direct handling of the sail.

Stainless Steel O-Ring
The Stainless Steel O-Ring provides the strongest possible connection between the boom outhaul and the sail, providing direct power delivery and sail. Simmer quality defined.

Moulded EVA Tack and Top Fairing
The lightweight and durable tack and top protection protect both your board and sail from the wear and tear that long days on the beach cause to your equipment. The tack fairing is fitted with an interior pocket to store your downhaul rope while sailing.

New Scrim Material Q2-Ply
A new technical scrim explicitly designed for our foot and clew panels for durability and impact resistance. We call it Q2-Ply. It is 20% lighter than 5 MIL X-Ply but as strong due to its specification with super thin 90-degree polyester threads layered on a 30-degree wide-spaced kevlar pattern.


  1. 2 MIL Q-Ply
  2. Colored Monofilm
  3. 5 MIL X-Ply luff panel
  4. Kevlar Stretch Contol Tendons
  5. 175 Monofilm
  6. 4 MIL Q2-Ply
  7. Moulded Tack Fairing
  8. Nylon Leach Protection
  9. Insignia Self-Adhesive Darcon
  10. Flat Profile Mini Batten
  11. Insignia Self-Adhesive Darcon

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