SX4 Alu Extension

90 USD99 USD

Universal Pin System with a quick release button. Durable aluminum tube combined with double pulleys for friction-free, high tension downhauling. A great quality extension at an affordable price.

– Quick-lock release.
– Stainless pulley system for less friction and greater durability.
– 0 cm extension possible.

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length (CM)diameteradjustment (CM)material tubelock systemweightmin/max adjustment (CM)
32RDM2T8 Alupin0.63 kg0 to 32
48RDM2T8 Alupin0.78 kg0 to 48
32SDM2T8 Alupin0.69 kg0 to 32
48SDM2T8 Alupin0.84 kg0 to 48

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