2024 S-Max

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The S-Max delivers race-level performance with addictive acceleration in a user-friendly, twin-cam, 6-batten configuration. Experience the exceptional stability of a cambered sail, coupled with a shortened boom for improved maneuverability and unbelievable forward pull that will send you into blistering speeds.

The wide X-Ply panel, combined with the twin cams, ensures that the profile stays locked in place even during high wind gusts. The S-Max features our Progressive Batten Design on the cambered battens. Designed with the same technique as our top-performing SX masts. The cambered battens are designed to create the perfect harmonic curve.

It rigs effortlessly on both SDM and RDM masts, providing unmatched adaptability. It comes standard with an extra camber: the “TEKCAM Reduced”. To rig you sail on a RDM mast, just replace the bottom cam with the TEKCAM Reduced.

The S-Max is the dual-purpose high-performance sail for both fin and foiling. To get ultimate performance from the S-Max for foiling, rig with slightly less down to give the sail a tighter leach. This will create a more stable draft for foiling.

What’s new for 2024?

  • New higher aspect ratio outline for increased
  • Shorter boom length on all sizes for improved handling 
  • Lighter handling and lighter materials, including the NEW Q2-Ply scrim in the foot and clew panel
  • More forward-focused power delivery


Who is the S-Max for? 
The S-Max is perfect for riders aiming for high-performance racing while relishing the ease of handling and user-friendliness offered by its twin-cam, 6-batten setup.

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Key Features

Key rider benefits with the S-Max

// Twin TEKCAM

// 6 battens

// Rigs on both SDM and RDM masts

// The low-end power ensures effortless planing and great stability

// Wide wind range


sizeboomluffmastrec mastupgrade masttopbattensweight (kg)
5.5178417400SX8 RDM or SDMSX10 RDM or SDMadjustable64.4
6.0184430430SX8 RDM or SDMSX10 RDM or SDMfixed64.5
6.5192442430SX8 RDM or SDMSX10 RDM or SDMfixed64.6
7.1203457430SX8 RDM or SDMSX10 RDM or SDMfixed64.8
7.8215465460SX8 SDMSX10 SDMfixed65.1
8.5225494490SX8 SDM SX10 SDM fixed65.3

The bend curve of the SDM and RDM’s are compatible with one another. The RDM’s are more suitable for lighter riders and/or the smaller sizes.  SDM’s provide a faster reflex response, better stability, and faster acceleration, especially in lengths of 460 cm or longer, therefore more suitable for flatwater sailing in the larger sizes.

Progressive Batten Design
Designed with the same technique as our top-performing SX masts. The cambered battens are designed to create the perfect harmonic curve. The progressive material layup of the batten controls the stiffness throughout the curve, starting with a softer fiberglass rod in the front, leading into a fiberglass tube then gradually a higher carbon content towards the back.

Kevlar Stretch Control Tendons
Distributes the load throughout the surface of the sail. They control the breaking point for the twist and increase the wind range.

The cutaway clew has an extremely positive influence on the sail’s agility and handling. It allows for a shorter, more rigid boom and more direct acceleration.

Twin Eyelets
High: for the lighter wind days. This clew position gives you more power and an upwind angle.
Low: allows the sail to open up and breathe more. It gives you more speed and more control.

Twin Cam
The S-Max features 2 x TekCam Reduced + 1 TekCam Large which allows you to use both SDM and RDM’s. This setup offers great stability, smooth camber rotation and easy rigging.

Top Camber: TekCam Reduced
Bottom Camber: TekCam Reduced

Top Camber: TekCamReduced
Bottom Camber: TekCam Large

New Scrim Material Q2-Ply
A new technical scrim explicitly designed for our foot and clew panels for durability and impact resistance. We call it Q2-Ply. It is 20% lighter than 5 MIL X-Ply but as strong due to its specification with super thin 90-degree polyester threads layered on a 30-degree wide-spaced kevlar pattern.


1. Q-Ply head panel
2. Colored Monofilm 125
3. X-Ply luff panel
4. Kevlar Stretch Control Tendon
5 Tekcam Reduced or Large
6. Monofilm 175
7. Tekcam Large
8. Q2-Ply
9. Progessive Profile Battens
10.Insignia Self-Adhesive Darcon
11. Mini Battens

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