Goretex Airvent

13 USD

Self Regulating Goretex © Airvent

Most Simmer boards come for standard with a self-regulating Goretex © Air vent, which allows air to pass back and forth between the foam core and the exterior of the board, while being completely waterproof. The double-layer membrane of Goretex on either side of a rubber O-ring prevents pressure build-up inside the board, minimizing the risk of delamination caused by overpressure inside the board even during a flight. You’ll never need to unscrew an air vent screw again.

Featured on:

  • G6/G5/G4 Flywave
  • G5/G4 Quantum
  • G6 Quantex
  • G5/G4 Cortex
  • G4 Freemove
  • G6/G5/G4 Helix
  • G6/G5/G4 Monster
  • G6/G5/G4 3XS



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