Simmer Style products and accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing and material defects according to regulations in the where it is purchased. The guarantee is only valid when the problem originates from recreational usage on the water. Normal wear and tear are not guaranteed.

Contact your local dealer or online shop where the product is purchased for terms. The warranty is not valid for secondhand purchases.


Our rig convinces not only with the typical GUNSAILS performance, but also with its quality and durability. Therefore we give you 24 months warranty on sails, masts and booms from the date of purchase.

Whether bags, harnesses, accessories or neoprene – we give you 12 months warranty on all other GUNSAILS products from the date of purchase.

The warranty covers only the repair or replacement of the damaged product with an equally valuable product (including the successor model, if applicable). Our warranty is for the exclusive benefit of the original purchaser and cannot be assigned.

There is no warranty claim:

> in the case of normal signs of use, such as scratches or creases.
> in case of damage caused by modifications or own repairs.
> in case of catapult crash, getting washed in waves, collisions or other accidents.
> in case of wilful damage.
> in case of improper use, handling, storage (such as excessive sunlight or heat), maintenance or care.
> when used in a commercial environment like rental or school.

The warranty does not cover direct or indirect consequential damages caused by defective products. Other claims against GUNSAILS (in particular claims for damages) are not substantiated by this warranty and are excluded (to the extent permitted by law). GUNSAILS assumes no liability for any costs incurred, losses or consequential damages resulting from the defect or loss of use of any of our products. After warranty repair or replacement of the product necessary within the warranty period, the warranty of the repaired or replaced product will continue until the end of the original warranty period. The original warranty period will not be extended, nor will a new warranty period be initiated for the exchange product.

To make a warranty claim, we need detailed information and pictures of the defect.
Please send us the following information:

> Customer data: Name, first name, address, postal code, city and telephone number.
> Your customer number, it is on your invoice.
> If you purchased your product from one of our dealers, add the sales receipt with the date of purchase as an image file.
> A short description of how the damage occurred.
> Attach pictures (file type .jpg) of the damaged GUNSAILS product. Depending on the product, we need different picture views:
Sail: (1) view of the entire sail and (2) damaged area.
Boom: (1) view of entire boom and (2) damaged area.’
Mast: (1) view of both parts of the mast (top and base) lying side by side, (2) broken area and (3) serial number base and top (silver sticker).
Other equipment: view of the damaged area.

Please make sure that each file does not exceed 2 MB.

As soon as we receive your warranty request, we will process and check it. We will then contact you and discuss the further procedure.
It may be necessary to return the affected product to us. Within the warranty, the customer must pay the packaging and transport costs to and from the place of performance of the warranty. They are therefore not covered by the warranty.
The guarantor is The Gun Sails von Osterhausen GmbH, Johannstraße 45, DE-66131 Saarbrücken, here called GUNSAILS.
The customer’s implied warranty rights against GUNSAILS are not affected by this warranty and exist independently.