Eliano Apicella

Eliano is one of those riders that could be defined as a Windsurf Globe Trotter. His passion for wave riding led him to travel since he was an adult. Soon the desire to search for the best waves turned into a passion for traveling to ever-changing places and integrating as much as possible with different peoples and cultures. He has surfed all the best wave on the planet bringing the colours of Simmer Sails everywhere, and he is still continuously searching for undiscovered waves. Eliano has been author of several article on main Italian windsurfing magazine describing new wave spots. His main desire is to push as much as he can young people to travel more and more in different places to discover new windsurfing spots but, mostly, to get in contact with new culture and new habits that could really have a positive impact on their life...   as have had for him.
Name: Eliano Apicella
On Simmer since: 1999
Discipline: Waves
Home spot: Le Gorette - Cecina (LI) - Italy
Favourite places for travel: Indonesia, Cabo Verde, Brithis Virgin Island, Chile, Perù.....
Sail of choice: Backtip
Boards: Custom Boards
Instagram: @elianoapicella

Eliano Apicella´s quiver