Serge Linnekuhl


Serge has windsurfing in his DNA. Born and bread at the Lake Steinhuder in Germany, where his grandparents had a surf shack on the beach. As soon as he was old enough to hold a rig, he was on the water every windy day. A pure windsurfing addict who spends every minute with wind on the lake for freestyle or travelling in search of waves. You often see him at spots such as; Cold Hawaii, El Medano or Mauritius.

Serge has been on Simmer Style since 2001, since the days of the red & white Onshore Wave. In 2004, Serge started to compete on the German Windsurfing Tour and has continued to compete in Germany. In 2019 he took a 9th place in St. Peter-Ording. He often sails together with his Simmer team mate Florian Gawer. Serge also met his wife, Dani through windsurfing and today they enjoy the sport together.

Serge’s moto is simple; Keep smiling and have a great time on the water!

Pure Simmer material!

Sail Number: G97
On Simmer since: 2000 (a Simmer Onshore Wave)
Discipline: Freestyle and Wave
Home spot: Lake Steinhuder Meer
Favorite places for travel: Cold Hawaii, El Medano, Mauritius Le Morne 
Sail of choice: Blacktip
Boards: Flywave G6 78l and 85l
Other sponsors: Surfshop Münster, Mystic
Instagram: @steinhuderjung

Serge Linnekuhl´s quiver