Kolb Gonzalez Family


Keep your eyes on young rippers from Tarifa, Yannik 11 on Blacktip 3.1, and Dennis 9 sailing on the Vox 2.8. These kids are already pushing hard in the waves and having a lot of fun. On the rare occasion that the wind isn’t pumping in Tarifa, the boys spend their time surfing or playing in the local football team.  Yannik and Dennis are getting proper schooling in high-wind conditions spending 6 weeks in Pozo during the summer, sailing with the pros, and meeting other stoked young windsurfing groms. They are also competing in the PWA juniors division this year. We are stoked to support this family and follow the progress of Yannik, Dennis and Eric.


Names: Yannik Kolb Gonzales 11, Dennis Kolb Gonzalez 9, Eric Kolb Gonzales 7
On Simmer since: 2022
Discipline: Wave
Home spot: Caños de Meca, Conil, Bolonia/Tarifa, Spain
Goals: Have great fun on the water, participate in the PWA Junior this summer in Pozo
Sail of choice: 2.8 Vox, new Blacktip XS 2.4
Boards: Simmer Flywave 60 litres would be very nice, but at the moment we just use different small boards we got.
Other sponsors: nothing, Mama and Papa

Kolb Gonzalez Family´s quiver