Florian Gawer


Florian is an all-around mad wave sailor from Germany. He started windsurfing when he was 9 years old, on a little lake next to Hannover. At the age of 20 he decided to go to the north of Germany to work in a youth hostel and live his dream and windsurfing every day. 2019 Florian started competing in the national windsurfing league, finishing top 3 overall in the in waves. Florian keeps pushing hard to improve his moves and learn new ones. Pure go for it attitude!
Name: Florian Gawer 
Sail Number: G-949
On simmer since 2008
Discipline: Wave
Home spot: Sankt Peter Ording, Germany  
Favorite place: Heiligenhafen, cold Hawaii Denmark , Fuerteventura 
Sail: Blacktip 
Board: Flywave, Quantex 
Sponsors: surfshop Muenster 
Instagram: florian_gawer

Florian Gawer´s quiver