Harald Pollak


Frozen or liquid form, Harald will shred hard in all elements. He started windsurfing on the Austrian lakes when he was 13 y/o. After his first planing he was hooked for life. Due to the lack of wind at his local spot in Austria, the Ossiachersee, Pollak set off to Greece to start his career as a windsurfing instructor on the island of Karpathos. After four summers in Greece, he hit the road, traveling the world to get his fix of perfect wind and waves. After a few years, he started working as a physiotherapist and a trainer. These days you’ll find him more fired up than ever, shredding hard at his home break in the Adriatic Sea or on the Mediterranean Sea.
Harald comments:
“My main focus right now is on my two kids. I want to be a good father and a good husband for my great wife. Windsurfing is the best sport in the world. I want to practice this sport as long as possible. I want to show people how great this sport can be.”

Name: Harald Pollak
Sail Number: AUT 1
On Simmer since: 2011
Discipline: Freestyle / Wave
Home spot: North Shore Ossiachersee (Austria/Carinthia)
Favorite places for travel: Chile, Indonesia, Cape Verde
Sail of choice: ACE 4,8 / Blacktip 5,0
Boards: Whip 92/102 , Flywave 85
Instagram: @haraldpollak

Harald Pollak´s quiver